Saturday, November 7, 2009

Italian Sausage Stuffing

Halloween, the festival of the dead, at which time it is believed, the layers between the earth and the spiritual world get thin and allow the souls and the spirits of the deceased to search for the honor of being invited home, has passed.

Here in Rhode Island it was a perfect evening for the little ghouls and goblins to dress up as their favorite characters and go out to collect their treats.

We are now ready for the Holiday Season ahead of us, for stuffing the Thanksgiving Turkey and preparing for Christmas and to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I purchase two lbs of homemade Hot Italian Sausage from our local Italian Grocery Store. I take the casing from the sausage and put the sausage meat into a saute pan with a little olive oil because the homemade sausage has very little fat and it needs a little help in the browning. As the sausage is browning I break it up with my wooden spoon and spread it evenly over the bottom of the pan.

When the sausage is becoming browned, I move it to the sides of the pan and add one large chopped onion in the pan first as it will release liquid which will keep the next ingredient, smashed chopped garlic from burning. I also add a cup of chopped celery to the pan. When the celery is softened, I start to fold the sausage meat into the celery, onion and garlic and allow to saute a while longer.

In the mean time, I place one stick of butter into two cups of water and microwave for two minutes to allow the butter to melt. I then take a large bag of herb flavored stuffing croutons, pour them into a large bowl, and pour the water and butter into the croutons and mix. By that time, the sausage mixture is about ready to be poured over the crouton mixture and folded into the mix. You will notice that I do not add any seasoning because the Italian Sausage and the herb flavored croutons have enough seasoning to flavor everything.

I place the bowl of stuffing in the refrigerator and allow to stay overnight to meld and gel.

The next morning, I arise early and wash the turkey in and out with salt, removing the bag of innards that are placed in the cavity of the turkey. I place the turkey in an aluminum turkey baking pan. I then place the stuffing into the breast cavity of the turkey and into the neck cavity of the turkey. I rub the turkey with softened butter or olive oil and sprinkle thyme and oregano over the turkey, tent the turkey with aluminum foil and place it in a 350 degree oven for a time depending upon the size of the turkey.

I promise you your Holiday Turkey will be the talk of the Italian Kitchen Table, and then some.


  1. Hi Betty, we are making the italian turkey stuffing tomorrow! -Cindy

  2. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for the comment! I am sure you will enjoy the stuffing! Hugs