Thursday, November 5, 2009

In The Beginning

The Italian Kitchen Table, is the heart of the Italian family. It is the place where everyone comes together to feed their soul and their passions. It is a place to find refuge and gain strength from the support you will find and the delicious meal you will eat.

When you walk into an Italian household, you will usually smell the scent of the Italian Rose in the air. You immediately go to the stove and their is a pot of Italian Tomato Sauce cooking with all of the delicious accoutrements of broccioli, Italian sausage, and pork or chicken melded into the flavors of the sauce.

We must always make more than enough because there should always be room for company, and by the time everyone dips their bread into the sauce to taste, you will end up with just enough for the pasta. That is why people say we Italians cook enough for an army. No one should ever be turned away from The Italian Kitchen Table.

This is the beginning of a wonderful site where you will find recipes to make the most delicious Italian food you have ever eaten and also heart warming and amusing stories about family and friends.

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