Sunday, May 27, 2012

"The Lunacy of Love"

Lunacy of Love

How do I survive or quench my thirst for you,
or Live without you or the hope of ever having you?
You went away and took away my Heart, my Happiness
and my Joy, never to return,
and left me crying in the garden of life
where music has no more meaning.
You departed and left me to ruins
like the disaster of a hurricane, like the fury
and fire of a volcano that cannot be extinguished.
You overlooked me and set me free from you Love.
My heart is broken from the lunacy of my Love for you,
Like a crazy person who dies of
a love, lost to foolishness.
Here on my knees I beg you not to say good-by,
but to say hello to me again, for my heart smiles
when I hear you say, "I Love You."

Betty Jane DiSanto

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